2023.20 : And Get Lost

Earth Circa 2023

Epictetus says that ‘if your choices are beautiful, so too will you be.’ It’s simple and it’s true. You are what your choices make you, nothing more and nothing less.

— Unknown

Part II, Part I here, of appreciating the song writing of Jenny O.


Good news! I’m not tired today
So move aside
I can drive us for an hour
Get lost 
If you want to.
Get lost 
If I feel it I will too.

When you reassemble
Then remember to keep living this way.
And get lost
If you want to.
Get lost
If you feel that.
Get lost

If I feel it I will too.


This poem artfully captures and distills the core of a meaningful relationship, be it romantic or otherwise.

The opening lines acknowledge that even the ones we love can become tired. “So move aside” goes deeper, reaffirming that acknowledging this fatigue doesn’t disrupt the normalcy of the relationship. The phrase “I can drive us” paints a vivid image of relief felt by a tired driver when a trusted companion takes the wheel, serving as a compelling metaphor for relationships. The phrase “for an hour,” emphasized by “remember to keep living this way,” underscores that the cycle of taking turns at the helm of the relationship doesn’t simply halt. The repeated “get lost” harkens to the saying “set it free; if it doesn’t come back, it wasn’t meant to be.” The lyrical playfulness that follows warms my heart with its spirit of generosity.

I find myself drawn into the complexities of this week’s photo of a leaf, in the same way that the intricacies of others’ lives captivate my thoughts.


And now … know the photograph.


Honorable mentions:


If you don’t see me crying
Don’t rescue me.

If you don’t see me trying
I am occupied and free.


And your naked confidence is cool
But you make it awfully hard to follow
Oh, the sorrow that I’ll swallow

Jenny O. - Get Lost

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