What is Giving Back about?

The free and open internet has given so much to me. When I find ways of giving back in kind I list them here: JiJiShoSho.com  

My Background

Started as the lab rat of a small-town newspaper. I spent my time developing images while listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run album on the portable record player I had in the darkroom.

Moved up to being a runner for one of Hollywood’s most important still photography labs. Then later, I joined the design firm of the world’s most important poster company.

While attending film college, I studied under industry greats like Allen Daviau, ASC. Mere words cannot capture the impact he had on my life. He was a true gentleman. No one in Hollywood could match how generously he shared his time and his incredible knowledge. Steven Spielberg expressed this aptly after Allen’s death, saying: “Allen was a wonderful artist but his warmth and humanity were as powerful as his lens. He was a singular talent and a beautiful human being.” One hundred percent true. Rest in peace, my friend and mentor … and thank you for everything.

After film college, I spent a long while evolving from a young man into a man.

Studied photo processing under one of greats, if not the greatest, photo processors.

This year 2020 transformed my life… and now we begin this chapter. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

My Philosophy

“Make it beautiful.” Throughout my life, I often heard that this was the slogan on a family crest. Not sure if it’s true … but I like to believe it is.

My core resonates with the beauty aesthetic. I will have a lot more to say about this, so stay tuned.

Why black and white monochrome?

Some moments are best taken in full, glorious color, rather than black and white.

Then there are the moments that demand monochromatic black and white. Color simply will not do.

Rare is a photo that can be both. While color photos converted to B&W can look good enough, I have found that B&W images photographed sans color information force the photographer to seek out the conditions best suited for monochrome imagery.

Color is a complicated subject. For now, suffice it to say that those who have the gift of maximizing the impact of color have my greatest respect. It is no easy task.

My creative eye sees in black and white. It is where I am most comfortable. I hope my work reflects that.