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"Capturing conscious states
is what art is."

— Joscha Bach

This question is soon asked, "What kind of photographer are you?" Simple question. Not so easy to answer.

I reply, "I am a photographer striving to capture conscious states." Simple answer. Not so easy to comprehend.

Put simply. Moments of loss at the hands of randomness. Moments of beauty. Moments of triumph over ugliness.

What snapshots are to friends and family, photographic arts are to the human race.

It would be my honor and privilege if you joined me as a witness to my photographic journey.

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Kind Words

"Beautiful images. I love the way you embrace light. Your themes seem to be clustered around poverty, hardship, and this historical moment (a la Dorothea Lange, perhaps)."

— Christoper Ryan, PhD
NYT Best Selling Author
Sex At Dawn. Civilized To Death.

"Flamboyance in shades of grey."

— My French Brother From Another Mother
And inspiring photographer.
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