2023.19 : A Mother's Love

Circa 2023

Nobody’s against you, they’re for themselves.

— Ed Calderon's Mom

The album “Automechanic” (2013) by songwriter and singer Jenny O. has captivated my attention for a while. Her hypnotic voice and the work of an electric guitar bassist that came to work and laid it down! It’s her lyrics that I keep coming back to. This is the first of a triplet of weekly essays exploring her words. She has a new album and will soon be on tour. You can find details on her website.



The companion video below is the audio version of the song.


I’m so glad
It’s gonna be fine.
I learned my lessons from a real good kind


Right out the gate, Jenny delivers words with deep meaning, cleverly arranged. If you reverse the order, the depth comes to the surface. She learned from a real good kind, so it’s going to be fine, and she’s glad to have that peace of mind.


They said
Be helpful and be on time
And you can be happy for the rest of your life.


‘Helpful’ as another word for the almighty word, gratitude. As I see it, being grateful is the precursor to being helpful to others. Being on time is another way of showing respect to others, especially in regards to the most precious thing we have, our ever-decreasing time to live life to the fullest.


I broke down when I was traveling alone
A little lady took me into her home
She said
You’re OK
I think I have what you need
I learned my lessons from a real good breed


The sisterhood.


They said
Be gracious
And be real kind
And tread lightly on the land that you find.


The verse “Be gracious, and be real kind, and tread lightly on the land that you find” features three lines that don’t prepare the listener for the fourth. There are so many interpretations of this line, all valid, I would imagine.


When you can, you try to be on time
And you can be happy for the rest of your life.


In my days as a driver, I was taught, “If you are 10 minutes early, you’re five minutes late.” It’s a motto I still live by and it has served me very well.


Do what you love
And what you believe in.
I learned my manners from a real good team


I like the the elevation “what you love” with “believe in.”


They said
When you have to, you change your ways
And you’ll be healthy for the rest of your days


Revealing a liberating truth that far too few, I fear, ever experience.


So be thankful and speak your mind
Give love to the treasures you find


Yes. Yes. And yes!


When you can, try to be on time
And you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.


A message worth repeating yet again.


A-ha haha ha ha ha haha ha
Haha ha ha ha haha ha.


Moms who teach their children such things have earned a day to be celebrated, either in memory or together.


The door of love is always left open. And now … know the photograph.

Learned My Lessons Jenny O.

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