2022.43 : Anti Love Song

Wyoming, USA Circa 2021

No, I don’t wanna love you
‘Cause I know how you are
That’s why I have been staying away from you
That’s why I haven’t called you

‘Cause I know you could possess my body
I know you could make me scrawl
I know you could have me shaking
I know you could have me climbing the walls
That’s why I don’t wanna love you

You know I could make you crawl
And just as hard as I fall for you, boy
Well you know you’d fall for me harder
That’s why I don’t wanna love you

— Anti Love Song - Betty Davis

There I sat. Awaiting her return from the powder room. Thinking.

We did it.
We navigated an emotional minefield.
Watery eyes.
Truth spoken.
Hugs and love.

As Agatha Christie’s Poirot contemplated, “The truth. She can be cruel.”

The truth is, barring a miracle, power-couple denied by The Matrix’s Agent Smith. A tremendous loss for her, I and the many we would have, together, positively impacted.

And yet…

Our coming to understanding the truth brought me internal peace. Felt closer to her than ever before. Did she feel the same way?

Then it happened…

She returned. Took the long way to her seat.

Ever so gently dragging her fingertips from my left shoulder, across my neck, and off the right shoulder. I have been touched. This was no ordinary touch. Did she just brand my soul!? Sure felt like it. It was as intense as I imagine a hot branding iron to be. Now, I am complete.

While driving down yet another lonely highway. I think. In spite of being unlucky in love, my life is filled with love.

And now … know the photograph.

Anti Love Song. Betty Davis. RIP Queen of Funk

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