2022.32 : Media Generation


John Bishop and I met in college. He was one of my college professors. He then became one of my mentors. He was my confidante and editor on the first film I produced. John went on to hire me many times. He and his family are friends. It’s my honor and privilege to have him in my life.

The name he chose for his company has always struck me as prescient. Media Generation. His work is culturally significant.

During one of our visits in 2021, we went for a walk with our cameras. We came upon a musician who had replaced the strings on his acoustic guitar with bass strings to make practicing more practical. If I recall his story correctly, he had become a widower. Music soothed his pain.

For your enjoyment, a behind-the-scenes photo of John.

Behind-the-scenes of John.

And now … know the photograph.

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