2022.49 : “The Adventures Of Quackers”

In a fractured United States, where half the country is ruled by oppressive state regimes and the other half by theocrats, a brave toy duck named Quackers must fight to survive and find her place in this tumultuous world. Quackers is cast out of her home by the evil Toy Master, who rules over all the toys with an iron fist.

Quackers must embark on a dangerous journey through the wilderness, facing fierce predators, treacherous weather, and hostile ducks who don’t understand that she is a magical toy. She is able to overcome these challenges through her resourcefulness, and determination.

After many days of wandering, Quackers finally arrives in a small, rural town and makes her way to the park, where she finds a large boulder to rest on. Just as the sun sets, a young child named Timmy discovers Quackers and, despite his parents’ strict rules against toys, decides to surreptitiously adopt her, caring for her in secret.

As Timmy and Quackers grow closer, they uncover the truth about the Toy Master and the magical world of toys. Quackers helps Timmy find her original caretaker, a young girl named Tamara who was sent to a reeducation camp by her parents, and the three of them join forces to defeat the Toy Master. Along the way, they will learn valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, the power of imagination and the discovery of freedom of rational thought in a world that seeks to suppress it.

And now … know the photograph.

My street photographs are as I found them. Nothing is touched nor staged.

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