2022.47 : Iranian Women

Los Gatos, California USA Circa 2022

I don’t wish any ill on any fellow primate. Even if this primate is in possession of secret that is denied to me.

I can forgive even that because I live in a country where their rein doesn’t run. Their writ doesn’t apply. And they can’t burn me and silence me.

Never forget when they could, they did and long to again.

— Christopher Hitchens

The brave women of Iran continue fighting to escape the oppressive hand of theocrats. Iran is a cautionary tale for the United States. The women in the companion video below never imagined they would lose everything. They went to sleep one night free – granted under a corrupt, cruel Western puppet – only to wake up subjugated to bronze age myths codified in law. Enforced by both police and clerics with policing powers. Yet, that’s what happened.

A powerful and yet simple protest trend has emerged. Giving the oppressive clerics a taste of the fear they dish out every day. To see it, click here.

One day the Persian people will be free. On that day, I will be on the first flight there.

And now … know the photograph.

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Companion Video

Iran Before 1979

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