2022.35 : My Eyes Are Bleeding


Build yourself in silence, and they will never know how to attack you.

— Wealth Director

“My eyes are bleeding!” That’s what I heard for weeks. I was even paying for this candid feedback.

What was causing his eyes to bleed? My photos! The method of processing my photographs was injecting crunchiness. Over-cooked is another way of voicing the same thing. I will spare you the technical definition.

I thrive on hearing direct, considered, and frankly expressed feedback from those I respect. I have the greatest respect for this truth-bomb dropper. This individual has a rare combination of both technical and artistic skills at an advanced level.

What wounded my ego was I had set out with a clear intention of not making my photographs over-cooked. And yet, I did. Ah, the learning process is a cruel mistress. In my defense, when I started RickyMoon.com I had decided to leave the Adobe Corporation plantation. Goodbye, beloved Photoshop. Hello, a new-to-me replacement.

A couple weeks ago, I too exclaimed, “the crunchiness is making my eyes bleed!” I couldn’t bare another day. I reprocessed all my photos.

That finished. I couldn’t resist the temptation to fine tune the brand around a new slogan, “And now, know the story.” That lead to updating the website and intro video to match.

And that is why the newsletter is late. It’s my hope you find it was worth the wait.

This photo encaspulates what I felt as I went down creativity’s rough road, with the destination on the horizon.

And now … know the photograph.

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