2022.30 : Hitchhiker


This photo is of a special place. It is the starting place of a twelve-hour, 365-mile journey of human connection and for me, self-discovery. Located in the middle of America’s great, dangerous and expansive western wilderness.

Look at the foreground. It’s the very spot an exceptional soul sat. Thumb up. Hitch-hiking. I flew by. My daimon commanded me to whip around and offer a ride. I always obey my daimon.

What followed only happens in movies. Two old souls reunited enjoying each other’s company as only lifelong friends can. Surreal that in this reality, we had just met for the first time. Pure bliss until the last forty minutes when bitter-sweetness started to well up with the realization our ships would soon be on their separate ways.

No regrets. Only overwhelming gratitude for pure joy shared.

The late-night, two and half hour ride back home, along a country highway was an intense time of self-reflection. An unexplained aching in my soul, which had been bothering me for years, inflamed. A call with the friend, who thankfully is still around decades later, and who has shaped me like no other, was needed. An intense, at times painful, four-hour examination concluded with self discovery that has set my soul free. My life is forever improved.

You are gift beyond the reasons you know. Safe travels brave one. My eternal thanks and gratitude.


And now … know the photograph.

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